Friday, January 13, 2012

[video] Music Bank 13.01.2012

sorry for now posting yesterday, i was kind of busy these days!
today is special, since i have some time with me =)

HERE IS MUSIC BANK! presenting the comeback stage of the LONG anticipated MBLAQ

besides that, we have Sunny Hill's comeback stage too!

CONGRATULATIONS TO IU for winning the charts today!!!

credits to shu35151224

MBLAQ- Scribble

MBLAQ- This is War (ckim1986)

T-ara - Lovey Dovey

Boyfriend- I'll Be There

Dynamic Dua- Without You

KOYOTE- Say That Again

Ns YoonG- The reason i became a witch

Teen Top- Crazy

Lee Hyun- Because Its You

Sunny Hill- The GrassHopper Song

A Pink- My My (Remix)

AXIZ- Give Me A Hug

J-Cera- Love City

Nine Muses- News

X-5 - Dangerous

DIA- Love Step

Fat Cat- Do you know you only care about looks

Electro Boyz- Ma Boy 2

F.I.X-Please Dont Say

As One - Dont Lie

Noel- Dont Need To Say

CHAOS- She Is Coming

Touch- Rockin The Club

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