Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[news] [UFO] JungMin's reply to UFO Town

THANKS IVY FOR POSTING IN TSMYENG =) and doing the translation =)
Credit: TSTW + (English Traslation) TsmyEng
Please repost with full credit


To:SS501 (~Kitty~)
How! Why I’m in USA! I want to go Shang Hai’s concert! When will u guys come to USA? I want to fly there!!

From: Jung Min
[JM] Haha, when will go to USA? ^^

To:SS501 (唐唐)
Jung Min: Ms.Gao want to get married already, don’t be sad, because you are ideal type of all TS!

From: Jung Min
[JM] WuWu Thank You~!!

To:SS501 (小苏打)
Receive the album today. Thank you for making such this nice music! Great

From: Jung Min
[JM] I’m the one should say thank you

To:SS501 (依恋儿)
What Jung Min Oppa doing? Should be very busy, take care oh, I having exam tomorrow, oppa fighting for me!

From: Jung Min
[JM] Now woke up already, get ready for work ^^ Fighting for exam!!

To: SS501 (TripleS-Aiko)
정민오빠 ~날싸가 너무 추워~~ 나는 감기에 걸리는 것 가같아요~ ><
오빠~안아주세요~~ 히히 ^^ 바보 박정민!!~ 사랑해~!! 감기심해요잉~~알지?~^^
바보 aiko

From: Jung Min
[JM] Can not catch a cold oh~!! Thank you~!!

To: SS501
정민빠~라디오재미있었어요…오빠이렇게 귀엽나요ㅋㅋㅋ 차루만너무좋아요! SS501 영원히 1위에요! ♥ ^^ 대만팬 진여

From: Jung Min
[JM] Wah~~ Still listen to my radio..! Great!

To: SS501 (sui)
♥ 정민오빠♥ 너무보고싶어,날씨가 추운데감기를 조심하세요, SS501을 영원히지켜줄께요, REBIRTH FIGHTING, 사랑해요♥

From: Jung Min
[JM] Thank you!! Hehe ^^

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